Some of the fun

Along the journey I Had the great opportunity to help tell the Microsoft Journey to DevOps. I worked as a project manager and marketing consultant integrating between Visual Studios, Azure, Microsoft Office and partnered programs. Amazing projects, amazing tools!

Additionally I have helped lead an emerging hemp cannabis market road mapping raw and finished products to market for full cycle delivery utilization for diverse markets. First you grow it, then you sew it. Textiles, building materials, medical, bio energy and food. I have led two groups reclaiming history while providing a carbon negative impact.

I worked with Solar City before they became what is now known as Tesla

Integration and success management for Application build and deliveries.

Strategy and UX for initiatives and global roll outs with targeted markets for consumption, adoption and conversions

Medical and niche market experienced for Applications, Web development and customer retention

Here are some more works for well known groups:


From Cloud to you, there is a mutual conversation happening in relation to data.

I have also been blessed to write, produce and publish music for companies, artists, movies, commercials and more!

Some Mixed Media Here (Click here)